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Single Mount 

Singlemout for Binoculars & Telescopes

The singlemount allows you to operate 80-100mm caliber of middle to a large size of binoculars and small to a middle size of telescopes.

The mount can handle high payload capacity, And any fine position adjustment is possible.

When you need to keep 'recapturing' objects the mount will give you delicate motions. 

Available in three forms

· ~ 82mm binoculars

· Specialized for 100mm binoculars 

   (with extension adapter installed)

· Specialization for telescopes 

   (installing the guide-tail holder)

Single Mount


- H : 320 mm
- W : 330 mm
- D : 160 mm

Weight : 3500g
Load Weight : Any 80mm-100mm Binoculars
(No Balance Weight)


KRW 1,540,000₩ (Include V.a.t 10%)
USD 1,200$ (Exclude V.a.t)
JPY 140,000¥ (Exclude V.a.t)



WIN_20180501_13_58_49_Pro (2).jpg

              refractive telescope type      ~82mm binocular type                        ~100mm binocular type